The Concept Behind Move Nourish Thrive

Annalisa and Marina have joined forces to bring you Move Nourish Thrive, an on line resource for creating well-being and offering workshops and retreats.

Our mission is to help educate and inspire people in making positive choices to enhance their health and wellbeing. We are committed to share information about nutrition, exercise and stress management. Our main focus is in the area of wholefood plant-based diets and movement through Pilates. We believe that combining these lifestyle habits may be the number one way to prevent, slow or reverse serious health conditions such as obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Move Nourish Thrive | Marina Huxley

Marina Huxley

Originally from Australia, Marina grew up enjoying an active lifestyle. She has always been passionate about health and fitness, qualifying as an aerobics instructor in the early 90s.

Marina started practising Pilates in 2007 at the recommendation of her physio and immediately noticed the benefits. The neck and shoulder pain she had been experiencing, caused by many years working in an office, quickly disappeared and she felt stronger, leaner and more flexible. Marina was so impressed with the Pilates method that she decided to train to become a teacher, qualifying in 2013 with the renowned Body Control Pilates Association.

Since qualifying Marina has continued to develop and expand her knowledge, attending regular courses and workshops. She is certified to teach Pre and Post Natal Pilates.

Marina  focuses on correct alignment and smooth, controlled movement, aiming to increase core strength and stability. Marina gets huge satisfaction from helping people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals.

You can learn more about Marina at Marina Huxley Pilates.

Annalisa Mather

Annalisa Mather

As a child growing up in England, Annalisa was frequently to be found in the kitchen watching, helping and generally lapping up anything she could learn about food and eventually trained as a chef.

Annalisa’s interest in food and the impact it has on our health has been a guiding light in her life. The reason is very simple, she likes to feel good! Our health is so precious, as is the health of the plant and both are intricately interwoven.

Over the years Annalisa leaned toward vegetarian choices in her diet and explored raw food and a gluten free lifestyle. After gaining a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with eCornell she landed right where she needed to be with a WholeFood Plant Based Lifestyle. To deepen her knowledge of a vegan diet she completed the Vegan Mastery Program with the Vegetarian Health Institute.

You can learn more about Annalisa at Joy Yum and Enlightening Body and Mind.