Join Marina and Annalisa for a Pilates Brunch on Saturday 20th May 2017
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Keep Moving - Your Body Will Thank You

Pilates teaches you to move well, with grace and control. It will help you achieve a strong, flexible body. You will feel taller and leaner. You will learn to move more efficiently, minimising the risk of injury. What’s not to love?

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates

Nourish Your Body for Vitality

What better gift can we give ourselves and one another than fresh wholesome food made with the finest of whole foods and prepared with love! Eating plants in their natural state with as little processing as possible may be the answer to creating and sustaining health and well being. Become a Plant Powered Person and remember how to make food fun, the preparation of it simple, and the taste spectacular. Shall we begin?



Experience Move Nourish Thrive

Informed lifestyle choices are the key to thriving in today’s fast-paced, ever changing world. To thrive we need to take care of the whole person (body, mind and spirit). Consciously maintaining a daily practice of nourishing and exercising our bodies is the foundation for creating wellness. We offer workshops and retreats to guide people in making educated and sustainable choices for themselves and their families.

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